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Friday, April 06, 2012

"See this film because they can't"

"14,600 days in solitary" is a provocative title, so when I saw this as the subject of an e-mail, I had to read it. Amnesty International's always sending stories about human rights struggles in distant (from me) lands. It didn't occur to me that this story would be about prisoners in one of the 48 contiguous U.S.

6' x 9' Angola solitary cell drawn by Herman Wallace
as appeared in ZMag's 2008 "Resistance at Angola State Prison"

I had never heard of these men and also not much of Angola. And with the seed of interest planted, I am now anxious to see the 2010 documentary by Vadim Jean on this topic, the Angola 3, in solitary confinement1 since 1972, narrated by no less than Samuel L. Jackson:

In the Land of the Free....

I could write more, but there is an all-around dearth of U.S. media publication on this story at present (cf. the few relevant articles available: BBC, PRI, some mention in Solitary Watch). So, while the documentary's tagline says "See this film because they can't," it seems I too cannot see this film anywhere in the U.S.