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The Artist's Struggle + Media Representations + Social Perceptions
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Discussing Film/Media themes/concepts and the inspiration they engender. How they relate to society and artists. How they affect me and you as both (or at least, one of the two).

Tenets of this Blog

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This is it.  My letter.  My mission statement.  Where I put it all down.

I'm just a person doing what I love.  With thoughts--constructive thoughts--about the things I see.

It's often not light.  Or brief.  But it's raw.  And honest.

-- Hopeful, encouraging, and pleading for what I know to be attainable.

If compositions of complete thoughts that weave in and out of film/media and society aren't your cup of tea, this is likely not for you.

Otherwise, the following gives a basic summary of this blog's ideas (at least for the first half): Tenets.


And sometimes I just write whatever I need or want.