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Showing posts with label casting conundrums. Show all posts

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Grin and Bear It: Film Is As Film Does

I really feel for actors. It's gotta hard out there for them. Having extraed in some post-Katrina productions while in La. to get set experience years ago, when back in NY, I signed up to receive casting notices with the same idea in mind--set exposure. However, with a full-time day job and only being suitable for about 1% of the already demographically filtered notices, it was never going to work out. I turned off the NY notices when I left the coast, but in March-April, the Middle States breakdowns started coming in heavier than in the previous several months combined.

In following with my Death of Story, it doesn't escape me that casting notices, as brief as they are, can tell a lot of about the writing, characters, and mindsets behind the scenes. Those at the helm.

As a sample, demographically filtered (i.e. female, post-college, pre-motherhood, ethnicity open):