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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

To Be Inspired

Over Thanksgiving, in a talk, a friend expressed to me, "I want to be inspired."
And in that moment I realized she had summed up what I had been tracing around all year. All life.

I want to be inspired.

I do not itch (to be asked or expected) to lead or to follow.
I aspire to be partnered, teamed, a collaborant. Not to be the voice but a voice, among a sea of voices striving to communicate, contribute, not barker or broadcast. One particle in the wave, inspiring and inspired.

In those five words, she relayed it all.

This was (my) 2014. May discovery be a part of every year's life and every life's year.

Friday, January 24, 2014

2013: Happy Young Beautiful Fire

The year has ended; corks have been popped; lists have been compiled, all singing out to you.

2013's Best Movie Songs, according to me:

1. Pharrell Williams - "Happy" (Despicable Me 2)
Because I'm . . . 

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Text of the Year

The Text of the Year, received from a friend/colleague before the start of a recent show where I'd unexpectedly be working a position I'd never worked:

"No panic, kiddo. We're in it together. We're not gonna let you get buried."

And with that, I submit: there are people out there who do and will believe in you. Who will stick their necks out for you.
You will find your opportunities.
Go and seek them.

Artists and aspirants:
Keep faith. Believe in yourself.

And My 2011 Roundup:
Most (positively) salient of 2011:
1) A friend asked for one of my eggs ... if I was amenable. [This did not disturb me.]
2) I got to work Electric under Vance Trussell, chief lighting technician of Pulp Fiction, twice. [He clearly loves gaffing and got to do some beautiful, genius work on that 2nd show. It's remarkable to watch and be involved with inspiration like that.]
3) I learned I was selected to volunteer at the 2012 Independent Spirit Awards.
4) Like every year, I saw new things, met great people, and had some good laughs.

Here's to welcoming the great new of 2012.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2010 Film Roundup: Best & Worst Viewed in 2010

Chronicling the highs and lows of the 300 films & series I watched over the last 13 months. All new to me (though not necessarily new).

Most Abysmal Viewing Experiences:
Most Annoying (Characters): Madeo (2009)
Most Embarrassingly Bad: Macgruber
Most Campily Bad (& Annoyingly Fake Accented/Overall Faux-->
     your movie-making is showing): Daybreakers
Most "Plain Bad": Legion
Most Insipid: Killers, Sorry, Thanks, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Most Insubstantial: Sex and the City 2, Amelia
Most Uninspired: Videocracy
Most Ridiculous: The Spirit (2008), Eyewitness (1981)
Most "WHY?": Repo Men --> Best thing to come out of this viewing: This SONG:
     William Bell "Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday"
Most Nonsensical (Assemblage of Scenes): Bestia nel cuore [Don't Tell] (2005),
Death in Love (2008), Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Most Unwatchable: Lovely Bones (2009), My Dinner With Andre (1981),
The Killer Inside Me
... Special Mention: Antichrist (2009) (I've actually yet to finish it. It's been that hard to stick with. Many have told me if I ever want to enjoy sex with another human again, not to continue.)
Special Category: Jonah Hex -- It was bad, yes. But mostly, it was only half a movie. Or several different movies mashed together and still under feature-length run time. Either a massive amount of material was edited out or they didn't have enough to begin with. The screening I saw only hit the 70-minute mark thanks to 10 minutes of credits.

Most Memorable, Well Acted, Well Made &/or Cinematically Satisfying:
Winter's Bone -Just all around wonderful: acting, photography, tone, screenplay
The King's Speech -Quirky, nicely acted feel-good story. Rush was a gem.
The Social Network -Well made, sobering film
The Secret in Their Eyes (2009) -Touches that human-in-all-of-us note. Argentine cinema has been magnificent for several years now.
Crazy Heart (2009) -Actually saw this during 2009's voting rush & it just totally won me
A Single Man (2009) -Despite the end, beautifully lyrical
The White Ribbon (2009) -The film that makes me believe Haneke's finally reaching his potential and making whole films, not just fact/event presentations of sadists
Everlasting Moments (2008) -Quiet with an ethereal quality, touching on those human moments/needs
The Milk of Sorrow (2009) -There's almost nothing there, but it's executed beautifully. Lovely photography
Broken Embraces (2009) -Watching a filmmaker who is so clearly inspired by film is like watching passion on parade. Almodovar's sheer love of cinema is indelibly woven into this film. Only Tarantino rivals him in this respect. They know exactly what to do to get a desired result.

Lola Montès (1955) -Ophuls and his wonderful camera movements
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) -Leone, master of this genre
Forbidden Games (1952) -Crushing, real, and full of amazing child acting
The Prisoner (1967) -Despite some lulls & the end, incredible idea
Harakiri (1962) -Social dissent in the guise of ritual
Red Beard (1965) -Life lessons, though a bit meandering
The Warriors (1979) -A subtle odyssey. Tonally perfect. Restraint with an over-the-top theme. A film relevant then & now that I'm not sure could be made today
Bigger Than Life (1956) -Despite the third act. Great looming staging & photography
The Magician (1958) -I'm not sure I get the larger analogy of the artist from the film itself, but Bergman is a master of atmosphere and images from his films imprint in my mind. I can still see moments from this months later. That's remarkable.

Babies -Babies are universal. Pleasing presentation, beautifully photographed
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World -So clever and cleverly done
Me and Orson Welles -Complete and well acted
Io sono l'amore -Though not terribly satisfying, has something intangibly seductive
Mother and Child -I disagree with how it ends, but there are some really strong elements to this film, not the least of which is Naomi Watts.
+ 2009 special mentions: Gomorrah, Sin nombre, Fantastic Mr. Fox

Yes, only 8 of the "best" were actually from 2010.